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I registered for an account but did not get the confirmation email ?

Please check the spam folder of your email account. The confirmation email comes from email account and has the subject line ‘Please confirm your account’. If you do not see the email even in your spam folder, please contact

How does document translation service work ?™’s document translation service has been designed for simplicity. Once an account is created, you can upload your documents through an intuitive interface. In the next screen, you select the source language of the documents, and select one or more target languages. Next screen shows the total cost, at which point you pay by credit card. Once payment is confirmed, you can close the browser and after being translation the files are sent to your registered e-mail address.

Is the translation done by humans ?™’s document translation is done solely on machines using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. NLP is an Artificial Intelligence technique that learns from prior translation of several documents. This is the same technique used by Google® Translate and other device / web based translation systems.


What documents can be translated ?

Currently™ support translation of Microsoft Word (*.docx), Excel (*.docx), PowerPoint(*.docx) and XML (*.xml) files. Note that older Microsoft Office files (*.doc,*.xls, *.ppt) are not supported. Soon we will also add support for plain text, XML files and other file formats.

What is translated in an XML document ?

In each XML document the text contained within every element node is translated. The attributes are not translated.

What types of XML documents can be translated ?

All XML documents where the main text is within element nodes can be translated. Hence, resource XML files used in iPhone, Android and .NET development can be automatically translated into the 32+ languages we support.

Can I add support for multiple languages for my Android/iPhone app using your service ?

The text string used in Android and iPhone apps are given inside individual XML elements in the string resource files. Hence, our service can be used to automatically translate all app resource XML files into multiple languages. This will allow the app to display information in multiple languages.

How accurate is the translation?

Depending on the text and grammar of the original document, the translation can be 100% to less than 100% accurate. Machine translation has limited ability to identify culture/country specific terms, hence the presence of these terms can lower the translation accuracy.

How long does it take to translate a document?

Our translation engine can translate around 150 words / minute for a single language. Hence, depending on the size of the document and number of target languages selected, translation can take anywhere from a few minutes, to several hours.

Does the translation maintain the formatting in the Microsoft Word document?

Yes, all native formatting is maintained in all documents. Though some formatting in tables and PowerPoint slides may become misaligned if a translated string has more characters then the original string. However, these can be easily corrected manually.

How many files can be translated in 1 order ?

In one order you can upload a maximum of 10 files with a combined size of 15 MB. These files can be of different types, for example you can have 3 MS Word files, 4 Powerpoints and 3 MS Excel files uploaded for 1 order.

How many languages can be translated in 1 order ?

You can translate documents to all of the 31 supported languages in one order. However, the source languages of all your documents in the order should be one. Source language can also be selected from any one of the 31 support languages.

How many languages are supported ?

Currently we support 31 of the world’s most popular languages. We will continue adding supporting for newer languages.

How are translated documents sent ?

Once the documents are translated, they are sent as email attachment to the registered email address of the user. There is a separate email for each target language.

Costs & Refunds

How are the costs for translation computed ?

The cost of conversion is based on the amount of text present in the document, and not the document size. Since the cost is not dependent on file size, it is possible that a large Microsoft® Office™ document with a lot of images will be cheaper to translate than a smaller document. However, the cost for XML files (like those used in for Android™ or iPhone® development) may be more dependent on file size as they primarily contain text.

The translation service from™ is much cheaper than others. How do you offer a service at such a reduced cost?

Documentation Translation services are expensive because of the human labor involced. Since we do documentation translation using computers in a fully automated way our costs are considerably lower than human-based documentation translation.

In case of unsatisfactory conversion can I get a refund ?

Since we utilize machine translation we cannot provide any guarantees for 100% accuracy of the translation, and a refund will not be issued if there are errors in machine translation. However, if for some reason the documentation translation did not take place at all (e.g. the document provided was corrupted) we will make the required refund. Before confirming an order, please ensure that all details are correct.

Technical Issues

On opening the translated document in Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel, I see square boxes and not the text. What is wrong?

The square boxes could mean that Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel does not have the font required to display text in the translated language. Usually this can be resolved by selecting the text and assigning the original font to it. This refreshes the font selection and Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel automatically finds the correct font for the translated text.

Some paragraphs of my document were translated while others didn’t. What could be the problem ?

The main reason this can happen is when the document has multiple source languages. The paragraphs / sentences which are in a different source language than the one specified in the order will not be converted. To prevent this, pleasde have all documents in a single source language and specify that source language in your order.

I did not receive all the translated documents ?

If a document file is missing from the email attachment(s), the file could have failed translation, due to a non-supported format or file corruption. If the file could not be converted this will be mentioned in the email. If there is no such description in the email, please email us at:


Do you store Credit Card Information ?™ does not store any credit card information. We use a 3rd-party payment services provider which is PCI-DSS compliant and they may store your credit card details (if you choose) in their servers.

Once I upload the documents, are they kept confidential ?™ takes privacy and confidentiality of your documents seriously ! This is why we have separated our translation engine from our website. Once you upload your documents to a secure location in our website, they are transferred to a different translation engine server. After translation we send the documents only to your email address. For technical support reasons we do retain the translated documents in the translation engine server and delete them after 48 hours if no issue with the order has been reported.